Jessica & Cooper | Sydney Family Photographer

I first met Jessica and her husband Nick when they asked me to shoot their maternity session last year. Jess was a few weeks away from popping and was just a glowing soon to be mum. Shortly after we met Cooper came into the world. 

He's now almost 6 months old and one of those kids with a big personality at a really young age. Loved the camera, constantly happy and forever curious. This one's a good one and I'm so thrilled I got to document another stage of his little journey through life. 

Emma & Daniel | Adelaide Wedding Photographer

One of the perks of this job is getting to experience a wide variety of cultures and traditions. One I hadn't really known a whole lot about up until recently was the goings on of a Romanian wedding. 

Emma and Daniel didn't initially come to me with the goings on or what to expect until the morning of. I got to Daniel's parents home in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide and we started chatting and before I knew it I was entirely encapsulated in this very family oriented culture. Where families are huge and welcoming and food is forever being thrown in your general direction and where weddings are a big deal for everyone. 

Love fuels more love in this environment and Emma and Daniel are proof of this. Australia's Romanian community is apparently much larger than what I was aware of and they met at an engagement party for another couple in the community. It was love at first sight and even through two years long distance (as someone doing this myself I can definitely empathise with how hard this can be!) their love for each other blossomed and they found their forever person in one another. 

Mandie & Jack | Noosa Wedding Photographer

Despite all odds, Jack and Mandie made their wedding day happen their way. The last few years have been far from easy with health being a major concern. I've mentioned this before on Facebook and Instagram and the morning of the wedding while Mandie was getting ready she mentioned to me that she really wanted to make sure that she was able to dance at her wedding. At the very least, she wanted to have a first dance with Jack. It was brief, but it was absolutely perfect and I was touched to be able to capture that moment. 

I was also absolutely stoked to hang out with a bunch of fellow goofballs and just hang out and really enjoy the day.