Jemima aka Jem

Owner + Principal Photographer

I photographed my first wedding 10 years ago and kept it as my side hustle while I worked as a Photo Editor in the world of magazines and online news in Australia. Editorial was ultimately unfulfilling for me and I craved to go full time and give my couples and families my all.

I met Dylan online and we fell in love and got married and I ended up moving to the other side of the planet. Spent some time in NYC and landed in Central, MA. I knew this was my chance.

This job satisfies my creativity, the inner social butterfly and my constant need for adventure. I lucked out.

I haven’t lost my Australian accent and sometimes people have no idea what I’m saying because I almost speak another language (it’s a stubby holder NOT a “koozie”).

When I’m not behind the camera I’m being tormented by our cats, thrifting, competing in powerlifting (women in strength sports is something I’m particularly passionate about) and investigating vegan snack foods.



Associate Photographer & Videographer

As his wife, I can tell you this: Dylan is passionate about 3 things in life. 1. Vegan junk food, 2. Video games, 3. Doing ANYTHING to get the perfect shot on your wedding day.

A graduate from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Dylan’s photo story started with a love of details and food photography but a talent for portraits. He had dabbled in weddings but since coming on as my second shooter and now associate and videographer he’s flourished. His attention to detail is unparalleled and his candid shots of your family and friends might make you cry because honestly, when I look through them I shed a tear too.

He’s recently taken on the role of videographer experimenting with this new medium and capturing the raw emotions that are felt through the day for you to relive again and again.

His energy is contagious and I can guarantee that you and your family will fall in love with him within minutes of meeting him.


You know all about us, but I guess you’re wondering what it’s like to work with us