I’ve got you, I promise.

You can call me Jemima or Jem. I’m easily excitable, loud and ready to be there for you. I get it, weddings can be stressful so I'm here to try and make it less-so.  

If you need to text me at 2am or email me 20 timelines I’m going to read and respond to every single one. If something looks weird or isn’t going to work I’ll tell you from the get go. I’ll be real AF with you and I’ll be there to support you the entire way. I did the getting hitched thing fairly recently myself so I’m happy to bring my experiences on the other side to make sure you have the best photos possible.

But if you wanna know my personal life, here's a little of that too:

New York City based by way of Sydney, Australia (Stay tuned for my 2019 move to Massachusetts - New England weddings WHAT IS UP!). I fell in love with a dude on the internet and we got married and now we live in this hectic city with two cats who hate each other. I can rattle off the name of almost every single vegan restaurant in the city and am constantly looking for the perfect pancake.

Photography is my creative outlet but I also advocate for women in strength training as my other outlet (remember the high energy, excitable bit from the top?). 

So that's it. Want to know more or have I won you over with my charm and good looks? Maybe you should Book Me?


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