So, Who the heck am I?

Easily excitable, loud and ready to be there for you. I get it, weddings can be stressful so I'm here to try and make it less-so. 

If you're looking for a photographer who's got your back on the day, I'm your girl. Along with shooting a bunch of weddings I've done the whole bride thing myself and it was A LOT so I'm here to bring my experience to YOUR table and make it memorable and to remind you to breathe. 

But if you wanna know my personal life, here's a little of that too:

New York City based by way of Sydney, Australia. I fell in love with a dude on the internet and we got married and now we live in this hectic city with two cats who hate each other. I can rattle off the name of almost every single vegan restaurant in the city and am constantly looking for the perfect pancake.

Photography is my creative outlet but I also advocate for women in strength training as my other outlet (remember the high energy, excitable bit from the top?). 

So that's it. Want to know more or have I won you over with my charm and good looks? Maybe you should Book Me?